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For us, getting from A to B should favour Carbon-free travel. Starting now, and increasingly for future generations. That means a healthy mix of walking, cycling, buses, trains, car sharing and zero emissions cars. Plus whatever else those wonderful future generations dream up! (We’ll add hoverboards just as soon as they really do hover). We build our homes to help make using carbon-free travel the natural choice.

Electric Vehicles

Every Sero Home is built ready for future generations, and that includes the future of travel.

Our homes are built with three phase electricity – the “broadband” of power – and electric vehicle (EV) fast charging points. You can recharge your car at a Sero Home in less than four hours, compared to around twelve hours in a traditional home (or about three days on a 13amp plug).

Sero Homes’ class-leading recharging times are only useful if you can afford the car in the first place. To tackle this, on most of our sites we offer our residents an option to take an EV lease with inclusive miles bundled in. For one low monthly charge you get hassle free zero carbon travel (and probably cheaper than your fossil fuel equivalent).

Active Travel

Our homes are built to help you get as active as you want to be. We build all our homes to have a secure cycle store in a convenient place – ideally we’ll put this so you have to walk past it to get to your electric car (we know we all need a bit of a nudge sometimes!).

Active travel goes beyond that, though, with space for wet shoes and coats, and wherever we can good links to public transport, cycleways and paths. Getting out and about makes us all healthier, happier and helps reduce carbon, so our homes are built to support you to do that as much as you want.

Car Club Leasing Options

Alongside our inclusive EV offers, we design all our Sero Homes neighbourhoods to have spaces for car clubs for our residents and neighbours.

For some, these on-demand cars might be the only vehicle they ever need. For others, it might be a much more cost-effective way of getting access to a second car. Either way, pay-per-mile on demand car clubs give Sero Homes residents and their neighbours another convenient way to save money and cut carbon.