Tech so easy,
it’s not just kids
that can use it

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Does saving the planet have to involve so many different bits of technology, displays and settings? Is it really necessary for it all to be so complicated?

At Sero Homes, we don’t think it does. So we’ve made it simple. You phone us up, use our website or App, and tell us how you want to live – from the comfort settings of your living room to the range in your electric car. Once you’ve told us what you want, we run your home to deliver that for you, all day everyday, at the best price or lowest carbon possible.

And if you want to change something, that’s easy too. Boost your hot water or boost your car’s range, just let us know in the App, website or on the phone, and we’ll sort it for you. You’ve really got better things to do than read all those separate instruction manuals!

Smart Tech Integrated

We make your life easy by managing the complexity of all our integrated technology with smart systems and simple interfaces. Sero Homes have advanced metering, three phase electricity, heat pumps, battery storage, photovoltaic arrays, thermal storage, car charging controls, ventilation systems, fibre optic connectivity and more. All this delivers true grid zero carbon homes, and we believe that’s hugely important.

But we don’t believe most people have the time or desire to run all this themselves. Instead, we’ve integrated all these systems under our control just like a fossil fuel engine combines the fuel injection, carburettor, distributor, alternator and much more through an engine management system into a simple accelerator pedal and speedometer. Just like that, you tell us what you want, and with our integrated technology we’ll manage the details.

Our integrated, easy to use, active home management is powered by our ‘sister’ company Sero Energy. Sero Energy is developing management across thousands of homes, helping balance energy demand on the National Grid as well as driving down residents’ fuel bills and making lives simple.