It’s rental,
but not as you know it…

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How about a great home you can call your own, with all the security and predictability of a mortgage, but without the mortgage deposit and maintenance hassles? We think we’ve found a balance between ownership and rental that gives you a better option.

Is it buy, is it lease?

At Sero Homes, we’ve tried to blend the best of both.

Buying our own homes is hard-wired into our British mindset, but you need a big deposit to secure your mortgage and then it’s up to you to maintain everything. Sure, your house value might increase, but that’s not really money you can spend until you downsize (which most don’t, so a lot of it just goes as inheritance tax).

On the other hand, renting always seems like it’s a bit temporary, probably low quality and certainly not something you can make feel your own. It can seem like you’re just paying someone else’s mortgage and don’t get anything back for it. Plus your landlord might hike up the rent or terminate your rental at short notice.

If only there was something in between…

Well, that’s Sero Homes. With our homes, you can move in without a mortgage-sized deposit, on a contract that is as long as you want (we default to 25 years) and long notice terms within that to give you security. You can decorate your home, plant your garden and generally make it your own, but we’ll sort the major maintenance for you. Just like a mortgage, your monthly payments are index-linked for as long as you stay, so you know what you’re paying.

To top it off, you get to choose where you invest any money you’re saving, rather than being locked up in a house – whether that’s pension funds or holidays!

Pet and Child Friendly

We build homes for families of all shapes and sizes, and that includes furry, scaly and feathery family members.

Our homes and landscapes are created to be great spaces and places for kids to grow and explore, and where family pets are welcome and secure. This means we spend a lot of time working out how to build private gardens that let hedgehogs roam, but keep pugs (and kids) safely contained!

We also know that homes for pets and kids means robust materials and walls that aren’t paper-thin so when you do want that bit of peace and quiet, it’s possible. Don’t even get us started on storage space, suffice to say our homes are up to 20% bigger than mainstream private housebuilders, so you actually have room to put things away.

All in all, we make homes actually designed for families, furry or otherwise.

Lease Flexibility and Adaptable Homes

One of the many benefits of our offering hovering between buying and renting is flexibility. If your circumstances change and you need more or less space, provided we have a home that’s more suitable, we can quickly and easily swap you to a new house. No conveyancing, no solicitors, no estate agents, just get the home that fits you better.

However, if staying where you are works better for you, but you need a bit more help in the home, we can help there too. Our homes are built flexibly enough and big enough to allow room for stairlifts, grab rails and other modifications to help you out if you need it. And we can upgrade our remote support functions to give you added peace of mind that someone is looking out for you or your relative too, if desired.

Optional Extras

Living life hassle free starts with low maintenance, zero carbon homes. But it doesn’t have to stop there! We’re keen to help you live a relatively effortless zero carbon lifestyle. To help, if you’d like we’ll wrap up an electric car with inclusive miles into your monthly rent, or roll-up everything from TV licence to water rates into a combined utilities cost. Plus we offer extras such a gardening, cleaning and so much more. All to help you be free to get on with living your own life.

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