Providing Homes
for Future Generations

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We’re Sero Homes.

We build homes for future generations – decent sized, light, open and well-designed spaces built properly for people to live in, all set in great neighbourhood places designed for community, wildlife and active travel.

Plus we only build true zero carbon homes – that means our homes help tackle the climate emergency, generate and store their own energy, balance the national grid, and as a result our residents don’t have traditional fuel bills.

In short, we create the sort of homes and neighbourhoods that we’d like to live in ourselves.

Why would we build anything else?


About Us

We’re a Cardiff-based business with big ideas – we want to re-think housing by building true zero carbon, sustainable, innovative, high-quality homes that are friendly to wildlife and the environment.

We’re born from the intersection of award-winning sustainable residential design expertise and renewable energy generation and development experience. We see homes as fantastic places and spaces, but also as part of the nation’s energy network that can help reduce, balance and generate power and help us tackle climate change. By combining innovative design and master-planning with low energy details and intelligently managed systems, we create exceptional places to live that are fit for the future.

Our Projects

Introducing our new homes. A place where community and nature work together. Building better homes for future generations and our world. It’s less house, more home.

Parc Hadau


Sero Homes is a rapidly growing business well aligned to current and emerging government policy direction in the UK as part of the delivery of net zero carbon by 2050. We are developing significant opportunities for true green investment in UK schemes that can provide low risk, long term reasonable returns to our funders. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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