About Us

The team behind Sero Homes has a long-standing history in renewable energy through our relationship with the successful renewable energy company Eco2 Limited, based in Cardiff. Since 2002, Eco2 has developed over 300MW of energy projects resulting in over £1bn in investment and finance raised. Eco2 brings substantial experience of large scale development to the delivery of Energy+ homes and supplement this with the technical expertise of our key partners and other residential sector experts who are retained as the core home delivery team. Sero was founded as an Eco2 group company but has recently become an independent company in its own right whilst still allowing access to the expertise that is available.

Our Approach

Our innovative approach to housebuilding aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable and affordable ‘forever homes’  that people want to live in for the long-term. Working with our partners and local communities, we draw on our wealth of experience in the development and renewables sectors to lead a new movement; producing high-quality, Energy+ homes, fit for generations to come.

Investment is key to the provision of housing fit for the future. Sero Homes want to work with ethical investors and pension funds to grow our business and, in turn, deliver affordable and ultra-sustainable homes for rent.

A well-established housing model in the United States and Europe, Build-to-Rent is being backed by the UK Government and numerous local authorities as one of the solutions to Britain’s housing crisis.

For prospective tenants, the Build-to-Rent model offers a secure and cost-effective option for rent, through the delivery of high-quality homes that are professionally managed and available under long-term tenancies. Not only does this mitigate the risks often associated with Buy-to-Let landlords, it also means that rent levels are fixed over the course of the contract, ensuring that your home is more affordable in the long term.

For developers, Build-to-Rent offers the ability to invest for the long-term, with a business plan based on yields, which is more sustainable.

Sero Homes deliver rental properties that are professionally managed, offering security, reliability and top-quality service. As a professional landlord, our aim is to ensure that our tenants are happy in their homes and want to live there for years to come.

Our Values


We work with the latest low carbon technology providers to provide solutions that create a flexible and efficient energy system.


Using quality components, construction and commissioning, our homes are both highly efficient and homely.


Significant savings in energy consumption equal lower living costs.


We create local energy communities where energy is shared and distributed amongst the local network.
Due to its history, a number of Eco2 employees are involved with us and support Sero under contractual arrangements put in place when Sero became an independent company.

Sero Homes