Providing homes
for future generations

A Sustainable Future

We build homes fit for future generations – no energy bills, decent-sized homes built to high quality and sharing great neighbourhood spaces designed for community and wildlife. In short, we build the sort of homes and places that we’d like to live in ourselves. Innovation and energy efficiency is at the heart of what we do, ultra-sustainable, intelligent and affordable places that people will want to live in for generations to come.Utilising Artificial Intelligence in energy management through our sister company Sero Energy we will help balance the national grid and fast track our transition to Net Zero emissions.

Our Values


Our homes are designed to work alongside nature from the local to the planet scale. Our landscaping helps give local wildlife sanctuary and our construction aims to have the lowest impact on climate change we can manage. So we make homes for hedgehogs as well as humans.


We build our homes to very high quality standards because we maintain them for their lifespan too. This means if we accept bad quality when they’re first built, we only pay for it later on, so we don’t accept anything but the best. That means you get the best quality too, so everyone wins..


Our homes are zero carbon, probably a little bit beyond that actually because we’ve opted on the safe side. The second-best thing about our zero carbon (aside from saving the planet), is that is means zero energy bills. Yes, provided you don’t go crazy on the power, your bill is zero too.


We make neighbourhoods, starting from a shared space for everyone and working out from there. We think if you love your home as much as we want you to, you’re likely to stay with us for longer. You might even tell your friends. So you don’t feel like moving, and we can keep running the homes.

All of our homes include

Low carbon heating

Energy storage

Electric vehicles

Fabric first

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