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for future generations

A Low Carbon Future

Sero Homes provide the Energy Positive homes of the future, today. By putting innovation and energy efficiency at the heart of what we do, we create high-quality, ultra-sustainable and affordable places that people will want to live in for generations to come. We are building homes using a Build to Rent model that will meet the housing need of today with innovative new renewable technologies that generate the energy needs of the building and more. Utilising Artificial Intelligence in energy management we will help balance the national grid and fast track our transition to a low carbon future.

Our Values


We work with the latest low carbon technology providers to provide solutions that create a flexible and efficient energy system.


Using quality components, construction and commissioning, our homes are both highly efficient and remain homely.


Significant savings in energy consumption equal lower living costs.


We create local energy communities where energy is shared and distributed amongst the local network.

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